You Have A Role In Success

When it comes right down to it, customers like you hire the commercial builder who gets your vision. We’d expect nothing less. Which is a key reason why we take your building personally. You see, we become you in the process, paying very close attention to all the little things that make up construction of your building.

With our name on the job sign and our reputation at stake, the most important promise we can make is that we’ll treat your project as our own. Here are some areas to consider as you’re planning your building.


A crucial role in the early stages is sharing information so we can better serve your needs. Let’s start with the land on which your building will be built upon. Do you have land that you currently own? Or, do you have a site in mind? When necessary, we introduce clients to our real estate partners early on to help identify viable sites.

Site Feasibility

The next step is to determine whether a feasibility study is necessary to ensure the specific site will serve your needs as well as meet municipal requirements. Coordination with numerous governmental agencies in the land planning and permitting process can be complex. We work with you to relieve the burden.

Site Design

Knowing how the proposed facility should function makes a big difference in optimal site design, building design and permitting. That’s why we ask all the right questions up front. What size facility is needed? Do you anticipate future expansion? The site and building go hand-in-hand, so it’s critical that the client is engaged from the outset with our design teams to achieve the best and most efficient outcomes.

Project Budget

Having a clear understanding of your budget is very important to the establishment of project objectives. Project design and feasibility must function simulaneously so that every phase meets financial requirements. Our budgeting exercises can help assure that land costs, building costs and the established budget are kept in balance.

Project Success

The more we know about your goals and aspirations, the better we can serve you. Whether you want to be engaged in the decision-making process every step of the way, or updated with only the key milestones, project success means keeping you in the loop at a pace that allows you to manage your existing business.

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