Jon S. Rufty

A 1977 graduate of N.C. State, Jon is a respected custom builder who has served the region as the premier luxury homebuilder for more than 30 years. His skillset, experience and commitment to fine quality carry weight across the residential and commercial building community.

Jon’s contributions to our community have raised the bar for high-quality design, interior and exterior detailing, energy efficiency and green building. His commitment to innovation extends beyond residential construction into commercial building and community development.

As one of the Triangle’s forefathers of sustainability, Jon was ‘green’ long before the trend became in vogue. He created the nationally-lauded HealthyHouse™ in 1994 in cooperation with the American Lung Association and the National Association of Home Builders Research Center, now the Home Innovation Research Labs. This cutting-edge work has driven innovation in North Carolina’s residential and commercial building trades, with sustainable concepts and technologies still being used more than two decades later.

Jon is responsible for Progress Energy’s first EnergyStar structure in North Carolina, as well as the state’s first Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety Fortified For Safer Living® home, finished in 2002. For more than 30 years, Jon has resided in Cary, N.C., where he has raised two children. His passion for integrity, personal respect, and design-build craftsmanship are fundamental principles of Rufty-Peedin’s commercial building projects.

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