News Frenzy On H-Street Kitchen Restaurant

Over the past year we've witnessed how a building can bring new energy to our community. Last fall, the public's curiosity was piqued when the Raleigh Public Record published this article eluding to renovation of the old Varsity Theater, an iconic but neglicted space. It all began with a Rufty-Peedin hint on social media last October. It was time to get this unique space back up and running. And run with it the media did. The Triangle Business Journal announced the naming of H-Street Kitchen and shared architectural renderingsA WRAL special report on H-Street Kitchen also aired a progress report, a sign that Gary Bryant was onto something good. We appreciate the fact that Bryant allowed us to share progress reports to keep the excitement alive. Follow-up stories on the vision for H-Street Kitchen and a virtual tour were published by Raleigh Public Record. We sponsor the Record's Development Beat because the nonprofit newspaper is an essential resource for community happenings. Soonafter, the N&O was quick to share a tour with Bryant. In addition, more inside shots were provided by the TBJ. With the community hungry for the restaurant’s grand opening, a special profile by the N&O’s Andrea Weigl detailed menu and price points. Followed by highlights discussed in Raleigh Agenda, reviewing the hand-crafted elements of the space. Once it was time to announce the opening, the bearer of good news was once again the Record, which kick-started the media frenzy a year agoNow it’s time to watch H-Street create a new legacy. Check it out for yourself and check it off the Offline bucket list! Read More >>>

Withrow + Terranova Aerials Show Massive Solar Array

Our friends at Withrow + Terranova have a new aerial video of their awesome solar array. This massive array powers their new building. We wouldn't expect anything less than ultra-green with these legal pros, who handle all types of high-tech intellectual property issues. Read More >>>

In-Progress at Capital Self-Storage

The Rufty-Peedin team is hard at work on the new Capital Self-Storage. Site is cleared, foundation is poured and we're... Read More >>>

Amelia Station Medical Office Coming to Clayton

The Amelia Station Medical Office is a multi-tenant medical office building on nearly 1.5 acres of land underway in Johnston County, our own Steven Peedin's home county. Read More >>>

Rufty-Peedin Builds Green Law Office For Withrow + Terranova

We're pleased to showcase Withrow + Terranova's new law office in Cary, N.C., a true design-build construction project that's ultra-green. Rooftop solar makes it net-zero energy efficient, and the latest CREE SmartCast technology is one of many eco-friendly features. We expect this new building will raise eyebrows in sustainability circles. Read more. Read More >>>

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