From Concept to Keys

Commercial construction is an increasingly complex process. Rufty-Peedin is your biggest advocate “from concept to keys,” helping you to maintain focus on the end result and avoid being overwhelmed by the process. Our services include:


Feasibility studies, government agency coordination, master schedule development, budget estimating and value analysis, expert project consultation and management, phasing milestones, green building analysis, constructability reviews.

Pre-Construction Design and Planning

Our role is to execute on the project’s vision with an integrated system that’s dependent on successful teamwork between design and construction. Our involvement in this stage reduces the likelihood of extensive revisions and scope reductions to keep your project on-time and within budget.

Cost Modeling / Estimating

One of our greatest strengths is managing pre-construction cost estimating. You’re the beneficiary of our history of excellence locally. Our in-house experts produce expedited feasibility models to ensure your project budget isn’t just a concept but an accurate estimate. We work together with you and our architects throughout the design phase to align design components with realistic construction.

Value Engineering

Our unique approach provides value from the very start, evaluating all design in its relationship to aesthetic, functionality as well as cost.

Construction Phase Scheduling

With our master project schedule serving as a roadmap updated monthly, the team relies on short-term and weekly working schedules by the project superintendent.

Construction Phase

Here we monitor schedules, control costs, handle site management, inspections and quality assurance. We also manage back office tasks by providing financial reporting, documentation, change management, dispute resolution, contract supervision and post-construction commissioning.

Project and Construction Management

Everyone involved stays up-to-speed with systems optimized to provide timely information and efficient tracking on all project deliverables.

Quality Control

Our TEAM (Trust, Ethics, Attitude and Motivation) approach always begins with the end in mind. We make decisions in the design and construction planning stages to maintain quality throughout the project lifecycle. Every staff member is empowered to ensure quality control in the field.


Our goal from concept to keys is to handle all of your concerns. When we hand you the keys to your building, it’s a special moment of celebration. You’ll have made a new friend and an advocate who will always treat your building personally over its lifetime.